Founded in 2013, the mission of Artists Promoting Success, or APS as it is affectionately called, is to educate “indies” (independents) on the business of entrepreneurship and provide platforms to gain exposure.

Whether attending the network meetings, participating in the tours, partaking in the Writers Society, submitting to the Book Awards, or publishing your book through our imprint, joining forces with us means that you’ll have someone who understands your way of thinking and more than likely is capable of helping you go to the next level!

Understanding that the journey to entrepreneurship goes beyond creating a product, APS prides itself in not only helping individuals understand the entire process, but assisting them in their journey in building their books/brands/businesses. Becoming a member of our prestigious organization gives you the opportunity to interact with likeminded creatives, people who tend to become like family.

Ever wake up at 2 in the morning with what Toneal calls, the “ooh ooh oohs”? Totally excited to come up with that book title, song verse, or final part for the script? Whereas non-creatives may not understand those thrills, we at APS not only understand, but we celebrate with you 🎉 … we applaud you because we truly get it!!! 👏👏👏